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Banking consulting firm, Ares & Co supports General Managements in the banking sector: Retail banks, Investment banks, Development banks, Consumer Finance

The Banking sector

The progress made by French banks since the 2007 crisis to strengthen their balance sheets and their financing structure is clear. By improving the quality of their prudential ratios and anticipating compliance with new regulatory requirements, the major banking groups are posting solid results in a macroeconomic environment that is sometimes difficult to assess.

Banks are being forced to reinvent themselves and undertake numerous transformation plans in order to respond to:

  • Market volatility and the persistently low interest rate environment
  • The decline in the net interest margin and the change in operating costs, particularly in retail banking
  • The impacts of the digital revolution
  • The emergence of new ‘neo-bank’ players capitalising on excellent customer experience and modern technological assets


Banks are revising their business models

As a result, Banks are revising their business models, rationalising their networks, investing in their information systems and multiplying Fintech partnerships and acquisitions.

They are adapting to market trends and opening up new prospects for value creation by taking advantage of their large volume of data (Big Data and Analytics).

Banks are developing new commercial approaches

Banks are developing new commercial approaches and offers that are both technologically innovative, more accessible and increasingly customer-oriented through a smooth, simple and personalised user experience.

All these developments are likely to generate new sources of revenue but also new risks that must be managed:

  • Business continuity
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data processing, etc.

Banking consulting firm

A tailored consulting for Banks

To respond to these new issues, we provide our Clients with the guarantee of customised, analytical and rigorous work, precise and continuously updated knowledge of the Bank’s market, a combination of rare skills combining expertise in strategy consulting and mathematical and statistical skills, as well as a focus on impact research for our clients.

Consulting for Banks by Ares & Co

  • Its extensive experience in transforming Banking business lines
  • A detailed understanding of regulatory requirements
  • Its ability to anticipate market developments and redesign business lines
  • Rare analytical and quantitative skills
  • Approaches to accelerate co-design, alignment and decision-making in order to transform organisations

Our assets for Banks

A long experience of the transformation of banking businesses

A detailed understanding of regulatory requirements

An ability to anticipate market developments and redesign businesses

Rare analytical and quantitative skills

Accelerating approaches to co-design, alignment and decision-making at the service of organizational transformation

Our Clients in the Banking sector

Retail banks

Investment banks

Development banks

Consumer Finance

Our consulting assignments
for Banks

Client Value

Client Value

Deepen customer knowledge and consolidate decision-making support systems for the sales teams of a retail bank


Calculation of APR

Calculation of APR

Definition of the target method for calculating APR in the context of renegotiations of mortgage loans


Fintechs Solution

Fintechs Solution

Conducting a study of investment opportunities in Fintechs in Eastern Europe for a European Development Bank


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