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Ares & Co recrute

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At Ares & Co, above all, we want to hire people we know we are going to enjoy working with

The Profiles we are looking for

A first-class academic curriculum

In addition to having a first-rate academic background (top engineering and business schools), our vocation to provide strategic consulting services in Financial Services requires candidates to develop real expertise in the banking, insurance and Financial Services sectors in general.

We want above all to hire people we know we are going to enjoy working with.

The Requirement and Honesty with oneself

We are looking for candidates who can be demanding and honest with themselves, who have real convictions, strong analytical and summarising skills, who demonstrate leadership as well as emotional intelligence, humility and curiosity.

A very good command of French and English (written and spoken) is essential.

The Case Study by Ares & Co

The Case Study, a simulation exercise

The case study is an exercise designed to help us analyse your reasoning in the face of a given problem.

The proposed case studies are generally based on real Client projects that the Ares & Co teams have worked on.

In resolving these cases, the goal is not necessarily to get the right answer to the problem, but rather to present your logical and analytical reasoning, asking the relevant questions that will help to develop the ad-hoc intellectual route to solving it.



Imagine this is a business discussion and not a job interview

Listen carefully

Listen carefully, focus on the question you are asked in order to understand the problem properly and be attentive to the details given

Be pragmatic

Be pragmatic and realistic in your recommendations

Tell what you think

Tell the other person what you think, explain your intellectual reasoning

Be confident

Be confident, communicative (be clear) and demonstrate how you could interact with future Clients and Colleagues