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Ares & Co is an Advanced Analytics consulting firm for Financial Services General Management: Business modelling, ALM and risks, Pricing, Customer value

Advanced Analytics consulting background

Finance is essentially a quantitative discipline.
Mathematical models are present everywhere in modern financial services: portfolio management, derivatives valuation, prudential regulation, risk assessment, customer value, pricing, etc. They are used to measure and quantify business and risks and as such play a role as strategic decision-making tools for managers, investors and regulators. They become more complicated when we no longer look at past profits and losses but at future ones: we then have to quantify the uncertainty about future movements using probability and statistics.

Challenges of consulting in Advanced Analytics

Whether financial institutions seeking to improve practices for measuring and managing their risks or government agencies seeking to better monitor and control fluctuations in financial markets, all organisations need a better understanding of the complex mechanisms involved.
The multiple opportunities offered by data science in this area are no longer open to question.

Advanced Analytics consulting firm

Our Advanced Analytics expertise for Financial Services

Our “Analytics Inside” approach, based on new technologies, promotes quantitative and statistical skills in conjunction with our consultants’ expertise. This approach is possible thanks to an original team combining expertise in strategy, financial services and the latest technology, enabling us to offer our clients a quantitative approach to the issues at the top of their agenda.

Ares & Co, consulting firm in Advanced Analytics for Financial Services

Organisation and analysis of internal (Big Data) or external (Open Data) datasets

Statistical analyses and/or machine learning (Data Science)

Prospective modelling, pricing revision and optimisation

ALM simulation and optimisation

Measurement of regulatory impact

Calculation of provisions

Behavioural scoring studies

Credit stress tests

Instantaneous and dynamic profitability model

Our consulting expertise in Advanced Analytics

Business modelling

ALM and risks


Customer value

Our Clients in Advanced Analytics



Investment Funds

Corporate Functions

Our assignments in Advanced Analytics

Ares & Co supports many Financial Services General Management in Advanced Analytics

  • Prospective analysis of projected NBI and cost distortion
  • Detailed modelling of ALM and operation of the current interest rates system
  • Design of a simplified integrated management tool for P&L – Balance sheet – Scarce Resources
  • Modelling the market and potential and designing the expansion strategy
  • Evaluation of the SME market from different public databases
  • Design of credit stress test models
  • Review of RWA optimisation scenarios
  • Modelling of scarce resource optimisation scenarios
  • Calculation and management of the attrition rate and customer value
  • Management of the profitability of the life cycle of products under Solvency II constraints

Focus Artificial Intelligence

An explosion in global investment in AI and the number of companies across all sectors

While the basic technology of Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades, it is only in the last decade or so that interest in AI and its potential applications has accelerated in various spheres of society. The advent of Big Data has profoundly contributed to this change, with an exponential increase in the capacity to collect and process considerable volumes of data, computing, storage, connectivity capacities, etc.

As a result, global investment in AI and the number of companies in all sectors using AI technologies are surging.

For the financial services sector, which has particularly large volumes of data, it is likely that AI will give rise to significant improvements in the customer relationship: new customer information, increased personalisation of guarantees, services and prices, enhancement of the experience, etc. But the challenge goes far beyond personalising the offer and customer satisfaction. The adoption of these new technologies could impact the entire value chain within the sector and lead to an unprecedented qualitative leap, in particular regarding the efficiency of existing processes (streamlining of management costs, reduction of the risk of error, better detection of fraud, etc.). Apart from that, it could also provide a great opportunity to consider disruptive business models by covering new risks and offering new services.

Ares & Co supports its clients in particular in understanding the contours of this potential upheaval in order to help them better anticipate and understand the opportunities but also the risks associated with such a transformation.

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