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Insurance consulting firm, Ares & Co supports all General Management in the Insurance sector: General insurers, Mutual insurers without intermediaries & 45, Benefit institutions, Large brokers

The Insurance market

The Insurance market has long been perceived as relatively closed off from the upheavals affecting other industries given the very nature of its highly regulated activity, focused on long cycles.

This is no longer the case, as the industry faces a changing environment:

  • A growing regulatory corpus no longer limited to financial aspects (protection of personal data, duty of advice, etc.)
  • New consumer and customer interaction practices inherited from other industries (ease and immediacy of communications)
  • The arrival of new players such as InsurTech and even in the near future GAFA, capitalising on excellent customer experience and ultra-modern assets (AI)
  • The pressure created by the fall in interest rates on Asset-Liability Management

Insurance issues

In order to stay in the race, Insurance Companies' first challenge is to rethink the way they approach customer interactions.

Operationally, internal practices and relationships with third parties, particularly in the areas of distribution and claims management, will have to adapt to a competitive context (emergence of service providers and new distribution formats) and new customer behaviour.

While price positioning remains a critical factor, insurers will also have to work on quality of service, their image as perceived by customers and their range of complementary services if they want to maintain and develop their attractiveness and build customer loyalty.

Insurance consulting firm

The guarantee of a tailor-made consulting offer for Insurance companies

To respond to new insurance issues, Ares & Co provides its Clients in the insurance sector with the guarantee of tailor-made, analytical and rigorous work.

Ares & Co, consulting firm for Insurance

Ares & Co supports Insurance Companies in their transformation, in particular by:

  • Designing new business models
  • Redefining customer journeys in line with new models
  • Building new business models
  • Transforming the network
  • Defining new product ranges and developing the associated pricing

Insurance support by Ares & Co

Design of new operating models

Redefining customer journeys in line with new models

Construction of new business models

Network Transformation

Definition of new product ranges and development of associated pricing

Our Clients in the Insurance sector

General insurers

Mutual insurers without intermediaries & 45

Benefit institutions

Large brokers

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Distribution strategy

Distribution strategy

Help to define the target vision of the distribution strategy for a large European Insurance Company


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