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Client Value

Deepen customer knowledge and consolidate decision-making support systems for the sales teams of a retail bank

Client Value


Despite generally favourable results, pressure on the business model of retail banks in France is increasing under the combined effects of a weaker macroeconomic context (low interest rates, lower margins and pressure on fees) and strong regulatory constraints (explicit priority given to the SSM when analysing banks’ profitability). This trend is further accentuated by changes in customer behaviour and expectations (service differentiation and pricing levels) and strong competitive pressures within the sector.


In response, banks are seeking to fine-tune their management model and interpret their economic performance in more detail to facilitate decision-making. This process of improving the commercial and financial management of customer relations required a better understanding of their value (relevance in segmentation, targeting of offers, detailed analyses, value-added strategic and operational marketing actions, etc.) and implementation of the right tools to measure them.


Ares & Co worked with the marketing department to define customer value by prototyping and modelling new target indicators based on a broad data scope (assessment of potential at X years, interpretation of potential attrition, product life expectancy, loyalty potential, etc.). The firm also facilitated the involvement of internal teams and coordinated the integration of customer value measurement into the institution’s entire transformation project through the lens of customer relations (relevance in customer segmentation, targeting of offers and implementation of value-added strategic and operational marketing actions).

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