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Being a Consultant

Ares & Co now has nearly 40 Consultants, working daily with major financial institutions

Career path

There is no standard career path at Ares & Co

Each person's career and speed of progression is unique and is shaped through experience, collaboration and the gradual acquisition of skills.

The progress of Consultants is evaluated regularly

Consultants' progress is regularly assessed through evaluations carried out by the project manager at the end of each assignment, as well as through appraisal committees held twice a year.

The purpose of these committees is to take stock, with your mentor, of your strengths and areas for development and to decide on a possible change of grade based on our internal competency model.

There are six grades at Ares & Co

Business Analyst

Business Analyst contributes to the firm's internal work but also participates, as soon as possible, in an assignment at the Client's premises, with the appropriate level of supervision


Consultants' business and methodological knowledge leads them to quickly take responsibility for part of the assignment work, under the supervision of a Manager

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant takes autonomous responsibility for a project, including interaction with the Client, with the support of a Manager/Principal.
Their daily interactions with clients allow them to start forging special relationships and thus deepen the relationship


Manager manages projects from an operational point of view (structuring of work and deadlines), supervises team members and conducts the relationship with the Client on a day-to-day basis (meetings and steering committee).
In addition to developing expertise and business opportunities, Managers are also expected to invest more specifically in an internal aspect of the firm (recruitment, training, etc.)


In addition to their role of supervising the work of the team and providing expertise on the most complex issues, Principals actively contribute to the business development of the firm, particularly in their areas of expertise developed over the course of their assignments


Partner works directly with the senior management teams of the largest financial institutions to draft and implement their strategy with them.
Partners contribute their experience and expertise to the teams of consultants and guarantee the quality of the final deliverables to the assignment sponsor.
They play a major role in developing the firm’s portfolio and offers in order to continue to grow the Ares & Co brand


Meet the development expectations of our Consultants

In order to guarantee our Clients the Excellence they seek and meet the development expectations of our Consultants, we continuously enrich the skills of our Teams by collecting feedback on past assignments and drawing up a training plan that is regularly updated according to each person's needs.

Offer training to our Consultants

These sessions are conducted in part by senior team members but also by qualified external trainers.

In order to support the Consultants throughout their career and in particular in the areas for improvement identified during the appraisals, a more experienced "mentor" is assigned to them upon their arrival at Ares & Co.

The Mentor serves as a hierarchical intermediary and provides day-to-day support and an attentive, caring ear available to accompany consultants at all stages of their career within Ares & Co.

Training courses by Ares & Co

"Ares War Stories"
Training courses

"Ares War Stories" offer Consultants the opportunity to present the assignments in which they have been involved to the entire firm.
This feedback makes it possible to share the best practices, approaches and methodology used on assignments

"Consulting Skills"
Training courses

"Consulting Skills" training courses aim to acquire and perfect the techniques of the consulting profession: problem solving, slide making, facilitation, storytelling, etc.

"Hard Skills"
Training courses

"Hard skills" training courses aim to enrich teams’ sector (banking, insurance or investment funds) and functional (modelling, analytics, FinRisk issues, etc.) expertise

Day-to-day life at Ares & Co

Integration of new recruits

As soon as new recruits are taken on, a "Pilot" is responsible for helping them to familiarise themselves with how the firm works: internal processes, graphic charter, consulting language, Knowledge Management database, etc., all of which will enable new Consultants to integrate the firm and develop their autonomy.

A Mentor is then quickly appointed to support them in their development.

The Contribution of Consultants to the life of the firm

Staffing calls on Consultants on a daily basis to ensure they actively contribute to the life of the firm, both on assignments with clients and on internal work with the Partners.

Whether delivering an assignment, writing a commercial proposal, creating a deck on a topical subject for one of our clients or sharing one's ideas in a press article or training module, all Consultants are committed both to developing their individual and collective skills and seeking impact for their clients.

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