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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence consulting

Ares & Co is an Operational Excellence consulting firm for Financial Services General Management: Agile business models, Post-merger integration, Cost organisation and optimisation, Audit and securing of major programs

Context of Operational Excellence consulting

Operating ratios are suffering: undermined by slow business and weaker margins, tighter management of activities, cost control and the smooth running of major programmes are now more than ever top of the agenda for Senior Management Teams.

Challenges of Operational Excellence consulting

Optimising the allocation of human, technological and financial resources is key to companies' success. Whether structural, technical or organisational optimisations, these transformations all contribute to making the company more agile and strengthening its competitiveness.

An efficient operating model makes it possible to reduce the complexity of the organisation and its processes, control costs and thus achieve the objectives set. Entering into a process of seeking Operational Excellence allows the emergence of collective intelligence for the benefit of business operations, customers and internal teams.

Operational Excellence consulting firm

Our Operational Excellence expertise for Financial Services

Ares & Co supports its clients in the Financial Services sector in the search for global optimization of their business.
We provide Financial Services Executives with the ability to make the right decisions quickly and implement them effectively.

Ares & Co, Operational Excellence consulting firm for Financial Services

Business models

Design agile and innovative operating models


Optimise the organisation and its processes by eliminating complexity

Project portfolio

Arbitrate the project portfolio through detailed value analysis

Commercial efficiency

Accelerate sales effectiveness and build capabilities to quickly meet customer expectations

Digital Technologies

Adopt digital technologies to accelerate transformation

Expenses management

Optimise cost control to improve profitability and drive growth

Post-merger integrations

Control post-merger integrations to secure value creation


Optimise the performance and direction of major programmes

"Business" partnership

Transform the Finance, Risk and IT departments into business partners

Our expertise in Operational Excellence

Agile business models

Post-merger integration

Cost organisation and optimisation

Audit and securing of major programs

Our Clients in Operational Excellence



Investment Funds

Corporate Functions

Assignments in Operational Excellence

Ares & Co supports many Financial Services General Management in Operational Excellence

  • Costing of sales efficiency issues and proposal of a performance improvement plan
  • Restructuring of a group finance function
  • Analysis of various marketing methods and distribution costs
  • Transformation of the Risk function: redefinition of the target model and alignment of the organisation
  • Review of the major Group, Finance and Risk strategic management processes
  • Design of a global back office for a major CIB firm
  • Scoping of the process transformation plan and review of the portfolio of initiatives based on Solvency II requirements
  • Strengthening of the financial function of a development bank
  • Operational risk mapping and assessment of the organisation in place
  • Sales performance plan for a leading broker in France
  • Definition of the Business Line – Risk target operating model for a major CIB firm
  • Creation of a Group Information Systems Department

Focus Customer Journey

Fully appreciate the power of customer journeys integrated with third parties

Historically defined as consulting and interaction businesses, banking and insurance activities are increasingly approached by consumers as commodities that must comply with the standards of accessibility and speed applicable in other industries. The rise in the number of means of remote communication (chatbot, email, mobile applications, etc.) is increasing the number of contact possibilities.

You can now communicate with your customer by navigating seamlessly between the various channels and directing them towards the means of interaction (human or digital) that best meets their expectations. This implies high-quality and continuous transmission of information so that changes in channels, whether digital or physical/human, are perceived as painless by the consumer.

The majority of firms have already made significant progress in terms of their own activities: online customer area, mobile applications, monitoring of operations and claims, etc. The aim now is to fully harness the power of customer journeys integrated with third parties, such as platforms and ecosystems.

Ares & Co supports financial services firms, in particular by:

  • Redefining customer journeys in line with new models
  • Building new economic and operational models in collaboration with partners
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Operational Excellence

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