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Our consulting assignments for General Management of Financial Services

Client Value

Banks | Advanced Analytics

Client Value

Deepen customer knowledge and consolidate decision-making support systems for the sales teams of a retail bank

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Distribution strategy

Insurance | Strategy

Distribution strategy

Help to define the target vision of the distribution strategy for a large European Insurance Company

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Calculation of APR

Banks | Finance & Risks

Calculation of APR

Definition of the target method for calculating APR in the context of renegotiations of mortgage loans

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Fintechs Solution

Banks | Digital Acceleration

Fintechs Solution

Conducting a study of investment opportunities in Fintechs in Eastern Europe for a European Development Bank

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Other Ares & Co assignments

Strategy assignments for Financial Services

  • Redefinition of the pricing strategy of the Retail segment
  • Review of the market and the different fund distribution strategies in Europe
  • Definition of the digital strategy in Eastern Europe
  • Growth strategy in SME markets
  • Analysis of the performance of the network and choice of site changes
  • Definition of the strategy for entering the Private Banking market in London
  • Strategic audit in France for a world leader in insurance brokerage
  • Improvement of sales performance in the Large Professionals/Corporate market
  • Review of an insurer’s strategy for entering a European market
  • Strategic analysis of the issues surrounding Transaction Banking
  • Identification of growth drivers for CIB NBI with institutional customers


Our expertise in Strategy


Advanced Analytics assignments for Financial Services

  • Prospective analysis of projected NBI and cost distortion
  • Detailed modelling of ALM and operation of the current interest rates system
  • Design of a simplified integrated management tool for P&L – Balance sheet – Scarce Resources
  • Modelling the market and potential and designing the expansion strategy
  • Evaluation of the SME market from different public databases
  • Design of credit stress test models
  • Review of RWA optimisation scenarios
  • Modelling of scarce resource optimisation scenarios
  • Calculation and management of the attrition rate and customer value
  • Management of the profitability of the life cycle of products under Solvency II constraints


Our Advanced Analytics Expertise


Finance & Risks assignments for Financial Services

  • Review of the provisioning policy (collective, individual and dynamic) and implementation of new measurement methods and models
  • Assessment of the governance and quality of the aggregation and reporting processes within the scope of Basel II and assessment of the level of compliance with the BCBS 239 principles
  • Design and implementation of performance management dashboards and processes for senior management of a large bank
  • Re-allocation of capital within a regional branch of a mutual group
  • Simulation and optimisation of net interest margin formation
  • Overhaul of an ALM model
  • Management of scarce resources and integration of P&L and Balance Sheet management
  • Definition of medium-term strategic initiatives and associated budget forecasts
  • Integration of the Risk Appetite system in Senior Management-level management tools
  • Assessment of the correct historical application of the rate and exemptions from the rate policy and proposal of a performance recovery plan
  • Costing of financial challenges and anticipation of the organisational impacts of IFRS 9 for a large banking group
  • Management of the AQR of a major banking group on behalf of Senior Management
  • Study and validation of the concentration of behavioural scores (Basel II)
  • Design of credit stress test models
  • Review and modelling of RWA optimisation scenarios


Our Finance & Risk expertise


Digital Acceleration assignments for Financial Services

  • Prospective impact study on implementation of the latest technology within the management team of an Insurance Company
  • Global transformation plan for a Russian retail bank


Our Digital Acceleration expertise


Operational Excellence assignments for Financial Services

  • Costing of sales efficiency issues and proposal of a performance improvement plan
  • Restructuring of a group finance function
  • Analysis of various marketing methods and distribution costs
  • Transformation of the Risk function: redefinition of the target model and alignment of the organisation
  • Review of the major Group, Finance and Risk strategic management processes
  • Design of a global back office for a major CIB firm
  • Scoping of the process transformation plan and review of the portfolio of initiatives based on Solvency II requirements
  • Strengthening of the financial function of a development bank
  • Operational risk mapping and assessment of the organisation in place
  • Sales performance plan for a leading broker in France
  • Definition of the Business Line – Risk target operating model for a major CIB firm
  • Creation of a Group Information Systems Department


Our Operational Excellence expertise


Acquisitions & Disposals assignments for Financial Services

  • Strategic due diligence for a US investment fund for the purchase of an affinity insurance broker and extended guarantee
  • Strategic due diligence for the purchase by a financial holding company of the banking business of an African institution
  • Strategic due diligence between an investment fund and an online insurance broker
  • Fintech investment opportunities identified for a major development bank


Our expertise Acquisitions & Disposals


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