Responsible and committed consulting firm

Ares & Co has made it its mission to contribute responsibly to the development of Financial Services thanks to its unique human and intellectual capital and its CSR charter

A unique human capital, a system of responsible values

The firm Ares & Co bases its development on a unique human and intellectual capital and a system of deeply responsible values ​​requiring ethical, independent, honest and demanding minds. A proactive approach, illustrated in the CSR charter of Ares & Co.

The Ares & Co CSR charter

The Ares & Co CSR charter sets out the principles to be implemented to respect its values ​​on a daily basis

The Ares & Co CSR charter presents our commitments and our expectations towards each of our stakeholders and serves as a reference for our Collaborators and any other person working with or on behalf of the firm. It formalizes our corporate culture and coordinates the Firm's commitment to sustainable, balanced and responsible development.

This CSR charter materializes Ares & Co's desire to build its development over the long term while preserving the balance between economic performance, constant search for quality and respect for Employees, Customers and Partners, but also for the environment and laws.

La charte RSE Ares & Co