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By joining Ares & Co, you therefore choose to take on the challenge of working within leading companies


Ares & Co, a collective General Management consulting firm

Joining Ares & Co means belonging to a team of Consultants who make their individual singularities a force at the service of the collective.

Ares & Co, an independent consulting firm for General Management

Apart from the expertise, know-how and level of exposure of the women and men in the firm, the unique DNA of Ares & Co lies in its independent mindset and culture of caring.


Entrepreneurship at heart

Ares & Co's Partners are entrepreneurs at heart and have developed the firm based on two fundamental values: Excellence and Independence.

Excellence and Independence

Excellence of profiles, careers, training, assignments and results: we pay particular attention to our Teams, their ethics, their capacity for innovation, their high level of commitment, as well as all factors determining their level of Excellence.


Excellence from the consulting firm Ares & Co

The Excellence of our Consultants' profiles, from the point of view of both their skills and their human qualities, is the best guarantee of the value Ares & Co offers its Clients, as well as the assurance of real quality of life in our offices.


Independent consulting firm Ares & Co

Independence is a strategic factor for a consulting firm.
When Managers use Consultants, they expect them to guarantee an objective approach, independent of third-party influences or pressures. Engaging with leaders to support them in making sometimes difficult decisions can only be done when there is complete trust.

The dimensions that differentiate Ares & Co from its peers


Our agility in business practices

We don’t apply a pre-designed way of thinking, but build tailor-made responses for our clients with total Independence


Our internal culture

Our internal culture, focusing on people and the development of each individual, reflected in:

  • The encouragement of initiative-taking and free expression within the firm
  • The proximity of senior management to the teams
  • Particular attention paid to the work/life balance
  • Constant willingness to work as a team and show consideration for others

Our "Analytics Inside" skills

Our "Analytics Inside" skills at the service of our Clients' industry-specific issues: we have chosen to develop this know-how in-house by offering consultants the chance to integrate it into their career path

Life in the firm

A real proximity between all the Consultants

A highlight of daily life at Ares & is the real proximity that exists between all the Consultants, regardless of their rank. 

An internal life punctuated by many events

The internal life of the office is also punctuated by events organised regularly within the office, either by the firm or by the consultants themselves:

  • Annual seminar with the whole firm: Ski Weekend, South Africa trip, etc.
  • Christmas Eve (with consultants’ friends and families)
  • Sports and cultural events: futsal, karting, yoga, debates, museum visits, etc.

From Interns to Partners, everyone is involved in the growth of the firm and contributes in a number of ways



Participating in the recruitment of future talent (interviews and school presentations)

Intellectual capital

Developing the firm's intellectual capital (decks, publications and articles)Intellectual capital


Participating in sales (pitches and proposals)


Building modules and getting involved in training

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By joining Ares & Co, you will be in contact with high-level interlocutors with whom you will address major issues: new business models, reinvention of distribution models, due diligence, allocation of scarce resources, etc.

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