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Digital Acceleration consulting

Ares & Co is a consulting firm in Digital Acceleration for General Management of Financial Services: Reinvention of customer journeys, Distribution of the future, IT transformation & Payments, Automation and robotization

Context of Digital Acceleration consulting

In terms of digital transformation, the market has now reached the "second wave", known as digital acceleration.

After conducting fairly extensive assessments from the 2010s onwards, companies have implemented digital transformation plans while often strengthening their dedicated teams (Chief Digital Officer, Chief Data Officer).

While the first projects often prioritised the customer experience, digital acceleration is now aimed at internal functions in which the sources of efficiency have not yet been fully exploited. The aim is to fully respond to the challenges posed by new market entrants, which by their very nature benefit from the latest technologies and make efficiency and the customer experience their main assets.

Challenges of Digital Acceleration consulting

In the great race for digital acceleration, traditional companies can rely on their assets and financial resources.

This digital acceleration will very often profoundly change the corporate culture and ways of working, requiring support both in terms of internal skills and potential recruitment in order to irrigate the entire organisation with the effects of digital technology, in order to become a fully digital-driven company.

Digital Acceleration consulting firm

Our Digital Acceleration expertise for Financial Services

Ares & Co supports its clients in the financial sector on the entire range of digitalization options for their business.
We enable Banks and Insurance Companies to take the digitalization leap efficiently and realistically.

Ares & Co, consulting firm in Digital Acceleration for Financial Services

Acceleration ambitions

Define the digital acceleration and catch-up objectives

Digitalization strategy

Build a clear and achievable digitisation strategy for the business using our “Pragmatic Digital” method

Internal potential

Establish the internal potential and current situation


Build the transformation business case

Digital Acceleration Plans

Implement digital acceleration plans

Our expertise in Digital Acceleration consulting

Reinvention of customer journeys

Distribution of the future

IT transformation & Payments

Automation and robotization

Our Clients in Digital Acceleration



Investment Funds

Corporate Functions

Digital Acceleration assignments

Ares & Co supports many Financial Services General Management in Digital Acceleration

  • Prospective impact study on implementation of the latest technology within the management team of an Insurance Company
  • Global transformation plan for a Russian retail bank

Focus Payments

The payments industry is being reshaped by deep shifts on both the supply and demand side

  • On the supply side, competition is exacerbated by the arrival of new organisations building their competitive advantages on innovative technology (mobile applications, technical resources such as NFC, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) and a regulatory environment offering fertile ground for new developments in the sector (Target Payment System initiative, register for transfers via email, DSP2, etc.).
  • The consumer side is dominated by the search for payment practices adapted to the new modes of consumption, prioritising immediacy and simplicity. The product mix is changing with the growth of contactless and mobile payments, as well as a marked decline in the use of cash and cheques. For traditional payment organisations, it is now a question of finding sustainable and profitable strategies to respond to changes in the sector.

Ares & Co supports those in the payment industry by offering:

  • The definition of strategic plans in connection with Payment covering various scopes: new resources, shared cash management, Instant Payment program
  • Formal prospective studies: volumes of business within the fiduciary sector, benchmarks of payment costs, potential for substitution between means of payment and impacts on the sector’s economic model
  • The structuring of the organisations in charge of the payment business
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