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About us

Ares & Co is a strategy and management consulting firm dedicated to the financial services sector: Banks, Insurance Companies and Investment Funds.

Our mission: to advise and support managers in the development and transformation of their company by speeding up decision-making and achieving results.

Our clients value us for our Independence, the Impact of our services, the Excellence of our consultants, our strong industry expertise and our approach to new technologies to address their issues.

Thanks to the experience and personality of our consultants, we provide our clients with the guarantee of tailor-made, analytical and rigorous work, precise and continuously updated knowledge of the banking and insurance markets and unique know-how combining recognised expertise in the fields of strategy and business transformation with rare quantitative and statistical skills.

Founded in 2009 by a team of partners from the top strategy consulting firms, Ares & Co is a leading strategy consulting firm for Financial Services in France. It currently employs around 40 consultants, working daily with leading financial institutions.


Ares & Co’s partners are entrepreneurs at heart and have developed the firm based on three fundamental values: Excellence, Independence and Impact.

On the customer side, this means offering impactful recommendations, the unfailing commitment of our teams and high-quality contributions.

On the consultant side, it offer the assurance of progressing in a firm with a unique culture and which values trust, integrity, initiative and the expression of one’s convictions, not to mention good humour.


Our profession is a demanding art whose impact can have considerable consequences for our clients


Excellence is the guiding principle of Ares & Co, from the recruitment of consultants to the recommendations we make to our clients. We pay particular attention to our teams, their spirit of independence, their ethics, their capacity for innovation and their high level of commitment, as well as all the other factors determining the quality of our services and the development of our unique position.

Attaching importance to the Excellence of our consultants’ profiles, both in terms of their skills and their human qualities, means guaranteeing our clients the value and quality of our deliverables and the Impact of our recommendations.

It also guarantees a certain quality of life within our offices and a strong and responsible commitment by everyone to maintain a caring internal culture, for the benefit of the team as a whole.


Engaging with leaders to support them in making sometimes difficult decisions can only be done where there is complete trust


Leaders expect their consultants to take an objective approach, free from third-party influences and pressures.

Independence and Integrity are fundamental to our value system, both towards our clients and towards all Ares & Co employees.

For us, this Independence translates into strong and committed convictions and transparency in our intentions, actions and results. We share our knowledge and skills and serve our clients exclusively in their interests.

Finally, in order to protect the interests of all our clients, we undertake not to disclose any information concerning the assignments carried out or the strategic and operational issues addressed. We treat this confidentiality as a mark of trust.


From the commitment of our teams to the strong impact of our recommendations


The word Impact has a special meaning for us because it covers four combinable factors that each highlight our added value:

Size, Complexity, Level of intervention and Innovation.

Size refers to the scope of business concerned, the financial and human assets affected by our actions and the number of consultants involved.

Complexity characterises the problem posed by the client, the scale and technical nature of which will determine the level of expertise and problem-solving capacity required.

Level of intervention simply determines the nature of the relationships to be established with the client’s representatives: Board of directors, officers, executives, operational staff.

Innovation is a major spearhead for our clients’ growth. In our profession, which is often characterised by the rapid replication of good ideas, the ability to innovate is becoming an increasing source of competitive advantage for our clients.


Since its creation, Ares & Co’s stated ambition has been to stand alongside financial services executives as the staunchly independent architect of their future.

Thanks to our entrepreneurial culture, Independent spirit and desire for Excellence, we uphold our convictions, create Impact and deliver value for our clients.

Recognised for its deep expertise and technical credentials, Ares & Co now sets the standard for strategy and management consulting in the French financial services sector.

This development relies on a unique team combining expertise in strategy, financial services and the latest technologies.

Ares & Co’s consultants have received the best training and worked for the largest firms in the industry, forming a talented team of diverse and creative individuals with an entrepreneurial streak, able to draw on their expertise with an open, responsible, integrated, innovative and collaborative attitude.


Ares & Co is committed to contributing responsibly to the evolution of financial services


Driven by its founders, Ares & Co contributes responsibly to the evolution of financial services.

The firm bases its development on a unique human and intellectual capital and a deeply responsible value system requiring ethical, independent, honest and demanding minds. A proactive approach, illustrated in the Ares & Co CSR charter.

This CSR charter sets out the principles to be implemented in order to respect these values on a daily basis. It outlines our commitments and our expectations with regard to each of our stakeholders, serving as a reference for our employees and anyone else working with or on behalf of the firm.

It defines our corporate culture and coordinates the firm’s commitment to sustainable, balanced and responsible development.

This CSR charter embodies Ares & Co’s desire to grow and develop over the long term, while preserving a balance between economic performance and a constant quest for quality and respect for employees, clients and partners, as well as for the environment and legislation.


Giovanni di Francesco

Giovanni di Francesco

With over 25 years’ experience in strategy consulting and investment banking, Giovanni has developed in-depth expertise in external growth issues and gained a solid experience in Private Equity. Specialized in business services and the tertiary sector (ESN, transport and logistics, medical devices, financial services, b2c and b2b2c services), he has notably carried out more than a hundred strategic aquisition due diligences of VSEs and SMEs.

Giovanni started his career in marketing functions within Danone, then joined the strategy consulting firm Mars & Co. After this consulting experience, he joined the investment bank Aforge Finance.

Giovanni is graduated from the Bocconi University in Milan, has a MSc in Finance from London Business School and followed the PIM program from ESSEC.

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Antoine Destombes

Antoine Destombes

Antoine is a graduate of Supélec and holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Georgia Tech (Atlanta, USA). With over 15 years’ experience in strategy consulting in the financial services sector, he has solid knowledge of banking regulations, strategic financial risk management in retail and investment banking and means of payment.

Antoine has been with Ares & Co since 2010 and has been responsible in particular for developing and implementing Instant Payment offers, designing a capital allocation system for business lines, modelling credit risks (Retail, Corporate, Institutional and Sovereign segments) and reorganising the ALM function.

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Gilles Fabre

Gilles Fabre

Gilles is a graduate of the Ecole des Mines de Nancy and holds a post-graduate degree (DEA) in scientific management methods. He has over 25 years’ experience in consulting. He started out at Andersen Consulting, which later became Accenture, where he rose to become a Partner specialising in the Insurance industry. He then joined the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as Partner & Managing Director to strengthen the Insurance & Technology Advantage practices of the Paris office.

With extensive experience in the financial services market and in-depth expertise in digital transformations and the necessary adaptations to market disruptions (reinvention of customer journeys, distribution of the future, automation of operations, IT transformation, partnerships/alliances/acquisitions, upscaling of services, etc.), Gilles is in charge of developing innovation and strengthening Ares & Co’s expertise in the insurance and due diligence sector.

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Olivier Dupin

Olivier Dupin

Olivier is an ESCP graduate and commenced his career in Strategy Consulting at Mars & Co over 25 years ago.

After carrying out trade portfolio arbitrage and restructuring and strategic repositioning in the Banking sector, he joined Gemini Bossard Consultants to help transform the banking business, before becoming Vice-Chairman of Capgemini Consulting. He then joined the Financial Services division of Roland Berger, before co-founding Ares & Co.

Olivier is specialised in Retail Banking, Corporate and SFS, primarily focusing on three areas: organic growth strategies and M&A operations; governance and organisation; and operational performance (commercial efficiency, cost competitiveness and SMEs).

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Thomas André

Thomas André

With over 16 years’ experience in management and strategy consulting for financial institutions, Thomas supports retail banks, private banks and asset management firms on strategic assignments in France and Europe. He has developed expertise in the areas of growth strategy, post-merger integration, transformation and management of finance and risk functions.

Thomas holds an MBA from HEC Paris and Insead (Executive Education) and joined Ares & Co in 2010 after commencing his career in banking in New York followed by an initial experience in consulting.

Thomas is very involved in developing talent within Ares & Co.

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