Advanced Analytics

Finance is essentially a quantitative discipline. Mathematical models are present everywhere in modern financial services: portfolio management, derivatives valuation, prudential regulation, risk assessment, customer value, pricing, etc. They are used to measure and quantify business and risks and as such play a role as strategic decision-making tools for managers, investors and regulators. They become more complicated when we no longer look at past profits and losses but at future ones: we then have to quantify the uncertainty about future movements using probability and statistics.

Whether financial institutions seeking to improve practices for measuring and managing their risks or government agencies seeking to better monitor and control fluctuations in financial markets, all organisations need a better understanding of the complex mechanisms involved. The multiple opportunities offered by data science in this area are no longer open to question.

Our “Analytics Inside” approach, based on new technologies, promotes quantitative and statistical skills in conjunction with our consultants’ expertise. This approach is possible thanks to an original team combining expertise in strategy, financial services and the latest technology, enabling us to offer our clients a quantitative approach to the issues at the top of their agenda:

Some examples of assignments: