Digital Acceleration

In terms of digital transformation, the market has now reached the ‘second wave’, known as digital acceleration. After conducting fairly extensive assessments from the 2010s onwards, companies have implemented digital transformation plans while often strengthening their dedicated teams (Chief Digital Officer, Chief Data Officer).

While the first projects often prioritised the customer experience, digital acceleration is now aimed at internal functions in which the sources of efficiency have not yet been fully exploited. The aim is to fully respond to the challenges posed by new market entrants, which by their very nature benefit from the latest technologies and make efficiency and the customer experience their main assets.

In the great race for digital acceleration, traditional companies can rely on their assets and financial resources. This digital acceleration will very often profoundly change the corporate culture and ways of working, requiring support both in terms of internal skills and potential recruitment in order to irrigate the entire organisation with the effects of digital technology, in order to become a fully digital-driven company.

Ares & Co supports its clients with a full range of digitisation options for their company. We enable companies to leapfrog digitisation effectively and realistically.

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