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Prior to joining Ares & Co, Ali started his career in The Financial Services. He joined Ares & Co to discover the strategy consulting services.

Ali, why did you choose to join the Ares & Co team?

After graduation, I was looking for a position that suited my interests and ambition. Although many roles peaked my curiosity, few fitted all my requirements. While researching Ares & Co, I was impressed by the consultancy´s approach, its ambitious growth plans and the quality of its clients. Ares & Co relies on the expertise of both its partners and consultants to provide the best service possible. This means you benefit from daily contact with both the leadership team and clients. The firm´s growth constantly generates advancement opportunities for consultants with an entrepreneurial mindset.

What are the main qualities that an employee needs in order to succeed at Ares & Co?

Given the nature and size of our organisation, we require consultants to demonstrate cultural fit, sharp analytical skills and autonomy in addressing both simple and complex issues. Consultants must show levels of maturity and confidence beyond their years when addressing our challenging client engagements. As a result, success is achieved by being able to autonomously provide creative solutions while reliably producing high quality client deliverables.

In your own words, how do you describe the work of a consultant?

Amongst other activities, strategy consultants are expected to identify effective solutions, provide fact-based insight and assist clients with important decisions. Assessing the client´s issues in a calm and detached manner and proposing a solution with tact and respect are critical skills to succeed as a consultant.