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From the driven to the entrepreneurial

Advising senior executives requires exceptional people. It demands great problem solving skills, business judgement, persuasiveness, energy and initiative. It also requires integrity and a focus on the best interests of clients at all times.

Our consultants meet these challenges and responsibilities every day. They also take advantage of the unique opportunity that strategy and management consulting creates for them to gain exceptional and broad-based experience in an industry as dynamic as financial services.

We look for ambitious professionals who have learned the basics of consulting at a leading firm and who have substantive experience and a demonstrable interest in, and a passion for financial services. We need driven, curious, open-minded, innovative, analytical and entrepreneurial people. We need people who see the "big picture", and demonstrate both humility and leadership.

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Hiring process

The hiring process involves several interviews that allow the firm to assess the fit and motivations of the candidate and for the candidates to get to know the firm. These discussions allow us to assess your listening, communication and quantitative skills, your curiosity, your creativity, your knowledge of the financial sector, your skills and interest in the consulting field and your ability to adapt.

Throughout the process we will cover the following five areas (weight varying dependent on grade):

  1. Experience and education
  2. Fit and motivation
  3. Case studies: Usually an integral component of any interview, they aim to evaluate your ability to resolve a financial services business issue, usually based on actual client projects. When working through the case, the goal is not to give the right answer but to present your reasoning in a logical, analytical way.
  4. Business development credentials. This will most likely be for candidates at Manager grade and above
  5. Q&A: You will have the chance to ask the interviewer any questions. This is the opportunity for you to discover more about the firm, its culture, and the day-to-day life at Ares & Co.

Own your career

There is no standard career path at Ares & Co. Your progress will be predicated on your desire and willingness to push yourself and to contribute to the success of our clients whilst embracing the values of the firm. Being a boutique, Ares & Co does not have quotas or forced distributions for its employees. Promotions are made on the basis of merit and merit only.


As an Analyst, you will work as an integral part of the project team to help drive insight from primary and secondary research and analysis. You will support team members to ensure client findings are delivered to time and quality. You will be expected to support the Partners on a broad range of non-project related activities such as adding innovative content for thought leadership, surfacing insights for propositions and developing new intellectual capital for business development.


As a Consultant, your industry knowledge and business skills will enable you to be responsible for part of an assignment under a manager´s supervision. It is essential for you to develop and master the ability to analyse, synthesise and communicate. The quality of your work and the value of your recommendations will allow you to build the foundations of a trusting relationship with your client.

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, you will play a larger role in projects. In addition to strong consulting skills and in-depth industry expertise, you will learn how to manage complex client issues on your own. Your day-to-day interactions with the client will ensure implementation of your recommendations and enable you to build relationships.

You will also help the firm grow by recruiting new consultants and share your experiences with your colleagues.


As a Manager, you are responsible for overseeing a project and leading your fellow Ares & Co team members. Your leadership and professional authority enable you to motivate and guide teams as they complete projects and develop their skills.

You are also responsible for the relationship with the client and the added value delivered to the client team. It is therefore critical that you ensure the project meets all deadlines and that you develop – together with the client – innovative solutions meeting the client´s strategic needs.

From the Manager grade onwards, you will play an active part in the firm´s strategy and growth. You are involved in designing and implementing training, hiring, publication and marketing programmes.


As a Principal, you will be expected on day 1 to participate directly in the firm´s national and international development by developing a proposition and a client portfolio. Your business expertise and industry knowledge make you a leader in handling clients´ complex issues in a pragmatic and impactful way. You will be an ambassador for Ares & Co and will represent the firm and its values in a variety of client facing and non-client facing situations

In addition to playing a lead role in engagements, you will help consultants develop their skills and play an active role in the firm´s training sessions.


Partners are in direct contact with financial institutions´ senior executives and leaders, helping them identify opportunities and resolve complex and challenging problems. An Ares & Co Partner has years of relevant expertise either in financial services consulting and/or industry in a senior role with a strategic mandate.

Your deep skills and knowledge of your chosen field of expertise enable you to develop innovative solutions that secure your client´s competitive advantage. Your leadership and decision-making skills help you influence manage and lead people, both at your clients and internally.

As an Ares & Co Partner, you play a major role in developing the firm´s portfolio and service offering. You are also responsible for the reputation of the company, and you play a critical role in defining the identity, culture and image of the firm.

An opportunity as big as you make it

Ares & Co presents an exceptional opportunity for ambitious and bold professionals. Our people learn quickly as they work with clients in small teams alongside partners who play a front line role in serving clients. By joining Ares & Co you will benefit from wide ranging experience on client engagements, coaching and an apprenticeship with senior and seasoned industry and consulting professionals.

To ensure that all our consultants develop and maintain their skills we provide structured on the job training programs which draw on both internal and externally sourced expertise. These training and development sessions help improve both individual skills and our collective ability to understand and deliver best practice solutions to clients.

To help our people on their individual professional development journeys we also have a formal mentorship program. On your arrival at Ares & Co, you will be given a mentor who will be responsible for guiding you throughout your career and making every effort to foster your skills, entrepreneurial spirit and personal satisfaction.

As a boutique Ares & Co offers our people the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the business and, most importantly, the flexibility and freedom to help shape our development and their own careers. As an entrepreneurial company we also offer stimulating, challenging and an open environment in which to work.