Ares & Co

Ares & Co

Shaping new strategies in the financial services industry

Ares & Co is a boutique strategy and management consulting firm focused on the financial services sector. We offer our clients small partner-led teams with extensive consulting and financial services experience. Our teams work closely with executives, senior management and business leaders to tackle their most pressing strategic issues, create competitive advantage and deliver economic value.

Our teams understand the business and organisational challenges facing financial institutions and draw on their experience and insight to help accelerate strategic decision making, identify business opportunities, and resolve challenges.

Our focused business model enables us to deliver quality and impact in an efficient and pragmatic way. We are fiercely independent and embrace a value led approach both in the way we do business and the environment we create for our employees. We maintain the highest levels of integrity, excellence and commitment in our work whilst always keeping our client´s interest foremost in everything we do.

A value-led approach

At Ares & Co, our promise – to help managers, leaders and executives tackle their most pressing strategic questions, create competitive advantage and drive economic value – hinges on our core values: integrity in how we serve, excellence in what we do and commitment to make sure we deliver.


Integrity is a fundamental pillar of our value system, both internally and with our clients. To uphold this value, we are clear and honest about our understanding of clients´ challenges, what may need to be done, how we can help and the likely results.


Our work is demanding and has a significant impact on our clients. This is why excellence is our primary concern in everything we do – from the employees we hire to the value we bring to our clients.

In the management of our firm, we focus on ensuring the highest standards for our teams, their independent spirit, ethical approach to business; and, encourage a drive for innovation to help achieve outstanding results for our clients.


At Ares & Co we are committed to our clients and to our employees. We believe that putting client interests first but also looking after our people is key to the long term success of our firm.

We strive to ensure that we deliver the best possible results for our clients. However, we also work hard to help our people build on their experiences and expertise to become more rounded and skilled consultants. We want our consultants to grow with us to become confident and articulate financial services professionals that can adapt to a variety of complex and varied business challenges. Ares & Co is committed to creating a free thinking and entrepreneurial environment that allows its employees to shape and drive their own careers in a collegiate and supportive manner.

Committed to relationship-based client partnerships

Ares & Co was founded in Paris in 2009 by Antoine Desjars and Olivier Dupin. After gaining experience in other leading strategy consulting firms, Antoine and Olivier sought to establish a fiercely independent firm to work with select clients in the financial services and private equity industry, focussing on their most pressing strategic, operational and organisational challenges.

Their goal has been to build strong relationships based on trust and high quality independent advice – always with the client´s best interests at heart.

This approach, which fosters trust, is based on formal commitments with our clients and relies on a strong client oriented culture. We are selective in our recruitment to ensure that all Ares & Co consultants share our approach.